Sorry for the Radio Silence

Hola !!!


First of alll I just really want to apologise for not writing sooner its been a really hectic three weeks where anytime we got on the computer was very limited not enough time to write all the fascinating daily occurences that happen to us gappers.  But never fear no longer will I leave you with out a word of what we´re up to so here goes……..

1 month gone only 11 left !!! its been a pretty hectic few weeks for all involved!!! with painting classes, crazy lightning storms, and a lot of bug bites !!! for the La hoy girls we were into our fourth week of teaching and the Bombitans are now into their third week.  Everyday it gets easier and we find ourselves feeling more at home.  For me I began teaching my classes how to paint not an easy task as it would appear the children were much interested in painting themselves, their amigos and me !! Motta was not impressed that week!!  It would start of well but after a while they would get bored of painting Casas and Manzanas and start painting the person next to thems shirt !! I was glad when the last paintbrush was washed on thursday !!!!  We also began the prep for christmas cards ,now I know what your thinking CHRISTMAS CARDS in september!! Well the reason is that all the children in the school are sponsored by someone in the states and someone in the uk,  so every year the children make them each a christmas card and its the volunteers job to design the cards so they look nice but are completley idiot proof……. Not Easy !!!! During the week we also went out for awesome team meal (peppered steak for emma!!) which was rounded off by Patrick, Katherine , Amanda and Myself being attacked by a welga!! for those of you not schooled in dominican terms a welga is kind of like a riot where they put burning tyres in the middle of the road and if you try and drive past they throw rocks at you woooohooo !! but the good news is we got electrictiy because of that welga !!!!  The weekend was spent painting my classroom as the god awful blue it was before was giving me a sore head !! so we rounded up the troops Miguel, Frances, Gregori (although he didnt actually do much ) and Diego and they set about changing my classroom to a nice cream colour.  I can now report it is much better than it was before and I´m very happy with my new colour 😛 Unfortunatley thats all really going to get the last 2 weeks worht of life up hopefully by tonight but lets not get angry if I dont remember we´ve only had an hour of electricty in the pass to days !!! there is definitley a welga coming sooon !!

Adios x

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  1. Fiona
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 19:14:04

    Where are the up-dates???????


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