Snakes in the towels ….. whatever next

So yet another week goes flashing by!!!

this week has been hard core teacher traing with spanish lessons thrown in as well for Carla and I !! The La Hoya girls start on Monday and the Bombita girls have yet another week off (unfair).  This week we started off by going to the beautiful resort of Playa Azul its a hotel right on the side of cliff over looking the turquoise carribean sea (jealous or what ) we had a team retreat where we got to know our strengths and weaknesses and then went for a wonderful lunch.  Unfortunaley that was the only beach we saw, the rest of the week was dedicated to preparing us for the classroom ! we had countless meetings and planning sessions with Amanda and Olivia to helps us take on the 200 something kids that would soon be walking through our doors, scary I know !! but at night we got to have a little bit of fun when we werent to tired tuesday for Katherine and I was Bible study which was surprisingly fun !!! then dominoes with Manuel and Jesus who seems to like us as he keeps bringing us patata ands platanos and sugar cane seems to be his new favourite thing to give us but I´m not complaining it tastes gooooooood !!! for Carla and India it was a lively all singing all dancing church service and getting to know the locals of Bombita that filled their days ! Katherine and I seem to have aquired a house guest though in the form of a small puppy called Dukessa who likes to sleep under our kitchen however she wasnt to keen on being in the house when we found a snake in the washing basket ….. my reactions was of course mature scream and then get roger the night watchman to handle it !!! On friday we all attended the youth service in la hoya which was fantastic with hundreds of people coming to watch the kids sing and dancing and acting all in all a top night :::: wooooh I´m almost out of time damn internet cafe !!!

welll Hasta Luego

Emma x

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  1. Fiona
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 06:46:57

    That’s sounding a bit more like it! Good luck for Monday xxx


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