And then it started Raining …….


Its been a pretty full  first week here in Dominican Republic! We arrived safe and sound, although pretty tired, to a smiling Ameilia (our country representative).  She took us to our hotel that we would be staying in for the night with two double beds in each room and a very technical looking air-con, that Carla ad I decided to figure out when we got back from dinner! Ameilia took us to a really nice Pizza place and after the meal we headed back to the hotel, all now full and sleepy and the night porter had fixed our air con so all was good!! That was until half way through the night carla and I woke up thinking we were in a freezer!! The Air con had malfunctioned and was now colder than it should be after about 10 minutes of fiddling with the remote I managed to turn it up or so I thought about an hour later our air con began to defrost and started raining everywhere.  By the time we stopped it it was 6 am so time to get up.  Ameilia shipped us on to the coach early that mornig andwe headed for Barahona! 3 hours later with very little extra sleep, thanks to Carla´s boredom, we arrived in Barahona and met Patrick and Amanda who took us for a quick lunch and then off to the SuperMarket!! Katherine and I quicly settled into life at La Hoya, a beautiful town were you can pick mangoes, avocados and Bananas straight of the tree, and soon we were planning our night aroud Domino night with Hazues, Maunuel, Connie and Olivia(although last night it was with Ninga Hazues son in law Olivia was away in Bombita watching the Kings Speech with Carla ad India)I also saw my first TARANTULA!! which was terrifying and I reacted very maturely screaming very loudy and dancing round it to get away but I´m serious this thing was huge !!

But thats all for  now te electricity is bound to cut out any minute so

Hasta Luego !!!

Emma x

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  1. Fiona
    Aug 20, 2011 @ 15:32:24

    What’s a hotle???? pretty sure that’s not spanish


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